Desoto Caverns lit up with colored lights

If you’re looking for a unique and awe-inspiring adventure, look no further than Majestic Caverns in Alabama. This underground wonderland offers visitors a chance to explore stunning rock formations, underground lakes, and hidden passageways. Here are five reasons why you should add a visit to Majestic Caverns to your bucket list.

Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Childersburg, Alabama you will find America’s first recorded Cave, Majestic Caverns, formerly known as Desoto Caverns.

Majestic Caverns history marker sign

Majestic Caverns is steeped in rich history as you might imagine by the mere fact of it’s location to the Appalachian Mountains. Now privately owned, you will find it to be a great place to take the family on vacation or staycation in the area.

1. Witness The Natural Wonders of The Caverns

Majestic Caverns is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders you’ll ever see. From towering stalagmites to delicate stalactites, the rock formations here are truly awe-inspiring.

You’ll also have the chance to see underground lakes, streams, and waterfalls, all of which add to the beauty and mystery of this underground world. Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a unique adventure, the natural wonders of Majestic Caverns are not to be missed.

The temperature in the cave is a pleasant 60° year round so you can beat the heat of the summer with this underground tour.

Waterwheel at Majestic caverns
The Waterwheel at Majestic Caverns

2. Learn About The History and Geology of The Area

One of the most fascinating aspects of a visit to Majestic Caverns is the opportunity to learn about the history and geology of the area. The caverns were formed over millions of years through a combination of water erosion and the slow deposition of minerals.

As you explore the caverns, you’ll see evidence of this process in the form of stunning rock formations and underground water features. You’ll also learn about the role that the caverns have played in the history of the area, including their use as a hiding place during the Civil War. These is even a fun story about how the cavern was used during the Prohibition era of the 1920’s.

Desoto Caverns lit up with colored lights
Inside Majestic Caverns

3. Explore The Caverns with Experienced Guides

One of the best reasons to go on a Majestic Caverns adventure is the experienced guides who will lead you through the underground world. These guides are knowledgeable about the history and geology of the caverns and will provide you with interesting and educational information throughout the tour. They will also ensure your safety and help you navigate through the caverns, making your adventure both enjoyable and stress-free. So sit back, relax, and let the guides take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Our guide was also funny and personable. She was kind enough to offer to snap photos of couples in front of the best rock formations. She let us know the best places for photos.

Fun family activities at Majestic Caverns
Fun Family Activities at Majestic Caverns

4. Over 20 Attractions To Keep Your Family Entertained

  • Lost Trail Maze
  • Panning for Gemstones
  • Wacky Water Golf
  • Destiny Express Train Ride
  • Wall Climb
  • Crystal Find
  • Bow & Arrow Shoot
  • Canon Wars
  • Water Balloon Battle
  • Happy’s Hoops
  • Explorer Ship
  • Splash Pad
  • Squirt Gun Lost Trail Maze
  • and more
Train ride at Majestic Caverns

5. Create Lasting Memories with Friends and Family

Going on a Majestic Caverns adventure is a great way to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re exploring the caverns with your family, friends, or significant other, the experience is sure to bring you closer together. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take photos, share laughs, and bond over the unique adventure. Plus, you’ll have a great story to tell for years to come. So gather your loved ones and embark on a journey you’ll never forget at Majestic Caverns in Alabama.

Is Camping Available?

Bring your RV because there are full hook ups. Plan to build a campfire and relax in the wooded camp grounds. Not an RVer? No problem, you can Primitive Camp on a grassy knoll or you can pitch one or two tents in the RV site. Bathrooms are near and it’s only a couple minutes walk to the attractions. Wi-Fi is provided.

Outdoor dining tables and Splash pad at Majestic Caverns
Outdoor dining and Splash pad at Majestic Caverns

Are there Eats?

Spending a day with family enjoying attractions always makes us hungry so we like to find places with food options too.

The café located inside the Gift Shop offers; Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, chicken salad, chicken nuggets, beverages and desserts! There are benches outside where you can sit and rest.

Enjoy A Unique and Memorable Adventure

Going on a Majestic Caverns adventure in Alabama is a unique and memorable experience that you won’t soon forget. From the stunning rock formations to the underground water features, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or just looking for a fun and exciting adventure, Majestic Caverns has something to offer. So why not add this adventure to your bucket list and experience the thrill for yourself?

No matter if you are traveling for a vacation, staycation or just a little weekend road trip near Childersburg, put Majestic Caverns on your to do list!

Pack the car and head out for a nice day at Majestic Caverns Park!

Desoto Caverns lit up with colored lights

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