eerie looking graveyard with scary tree and bright moonlight

Have you heard of the haunted places around South Carolina? Visiting those places on vacation over the years, I’ve caught wind of a few ghostly tales.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the spooky places in South Carolina during your vacation travels, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these ten places where the spirits are said to walk among us.

I have relatives in South Carolina which we have visited through the years so I’ve heard a few ghost tales along the way.

The Palmetto State is known for its great beauty and luxurious beaches. Enjoy southern hospitality and the best seafood and biscuits you’ll ever taste. Great food, delicious drinks, and friendly people are easy to find at every turn.

But you really don’t have to look too far under all that sweet Southern sunshine to see the other side. The shadowy places where mysterious footsteps are heard and ethereal beings appear are all around you wherever you go in South Carolina. There is not shortage of ghost stories here where the American Revolution left the dead behind and bloody battles of the Civil War may have created a haunted city by the sea.

Haunted Charleston

Spooky trees

White Point Garden Charleston

On the surface, White Point Garden doesn’t seem like one of the spooky places in South Carolina. The beautiful park is filled with large old oak trees surrounding an enchanting gazebo. As you wander the paths, you can look at a variety of monuments, statues, and cannons from the Civil War. Prior to the Civil War and even before the Revolutionary War, there were Pirates invading this place.

Oh it wasn’t called White Point Garden in the early 1700’s. A lot of history has occurred on these grounds. So called “gentleman” pirate Stede Bonnet was hanged here with along with about 50 other pirates. Their shadowy figures were the first to appear here. Bonnet’s  epitaph can be found in the garden.

This peaceful place has been a place of death from the pirates executed for their crimes to the Revolutionary War battles and then the Civil War. Some of these spirits are likely a little a bit annoyed to find themselves on “the other side.” So be careful of approaching strangers. Especially those wearing big hats!

ghostly figure in window at night

Charleston’s Dock Street Theatre

Back in 1736, when America was still made up of thirteen colonies, the Dock Street Theater opened. It was the first building deliberately created to be a theater, and it provided some much needed entertainment to the people of the time. Sadly, when fire swept through the Charleston French Quarter, the theater was one of the many buildings lost.

In 1809, a hotel was built on the same site, and in 1935 the building was converted into the current Dock Street Theater. But it seems that some of the souls lost in the fire so long ago may have remained on the property.

The saddest part of all is that even though they are spending their afterlife in a theater, the spirits here are most often seen staring sadly out the windows by people walking by outside. Good thing they didn’t pay for tickets!

The Powder Magazine

The Powder Magazine is one of the oldest buildings in South Carolina. Originally built as an arsenal to defend the city of Charleston, it was retired from use in 1780 and since then, the privately owned building has gone through many incarnations, from a print shop to carriage house to wine cellar. Currently, the Powder Magazine is an important museum where you can learn all about the Colonial history of Charleston.

But in addition to lots of artifacts and mementos from the Colonial period through to the present, a number of entities inhabit this beautiful place, as well. Although most are probably victims of violent battles waged over the years, it is a wonder that they would choose to hang around in this old museum. Perhaps some of them are still hoping to exact revenge upon the people who killed them. Or perhaps they are simply trying to make sure that those violent times never happen again.

The Powder Magazine is included on Ghosts City Tours.

Spooky dining table

Poogan’s Porch

If you are looking for an incredible dining experience when visiting Charleston, Poogan’s Porch hits all the notes. From mouthwatering brunches to the finest dinners to desserts that will tempt you in every way possible, Poogan’s Porch is pure satisfaction plus a haunted restaurant experience too.

In fact, this eating establishment is so comfortable and satisfying, that even spirits who should be moving on to the other side seem to enjoy spending time there. In particular, a lonely and sad spinster named Zoe, who once resided where the restaurant lives now visits in search of her sister who departed life first.

Zoe is said to enjoy your coffee and can be heard singing on occasion by the restaurant employees. Perhaps she enjoys the menu at Poogan’s Porch.

The Battery Carriage House

The Inn at 20 South Battery has a long and varied history including being one of the haunted hotels in the Palmetto state. It began as a private mansion built in 1843, but over the years the property changed hands and forms until finally becoming the Battery Carriage House Inn.

Guests reported seeing spirits walking on the grounds and hearing unexplainable sounds. Most unnerving, though, were reports of guests waking up with an unexpected ghostly companion lying in bed with them.

Sadly, the hotel was damaged badly by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 but has since been purchased and restored back to its original glory. Today 10 South Battery is an 11room boutique hotel where guests can relax in the lap of luxury and pure southern hospitality. Accommodations include antique beds, sitting rooms, fireplaces, and plenty of room to relax.

But no matter how beautiful and luxurious this boutique hotel is, the past remains. So as you wander the lovely grounds, keep your eyes open for mysterious sounds. And as you lay down in one of the antique beds at night, do your best to relax. And don’t be surprised if you wake up with an extra guest lying next to you.

The Old Charleston City Jail

The Old Charleston City Jail is considered one of the most haunted places in South Carolina. Is it really any wonder that a jail might gain a reputation like that?

The Old City Jail was in use from 1802 to 1939 and over the years, many terrible things took place, leaving many restless spirits behind. It is a popular location for ghost hunts and many shows, like Ghost Adventures, have been filmed on the property.

Currently, the Old Charleston City Jail is being remodeled to make it safer for visitors. If you’d prefer to see it in person, keep checking back with the Bulldog Tours website. They’ll announce it when the remodel is complete and the jail is again open to visitors.

However, in the meantime, see this free video tour of the jail below courtesy of Bulldog Tours.

Haunted Columbia, S.C.

Spooky elevator

South Carolina State Museum

The South Carolina State Museum offers everything you could want from a museum. You’ll find countless exhibits, some permanent and some changing. Learn about art, science, history, fossils, and more. They even have a huge replica of a megalodon shark named “Finn”!.

When you want to sit and relax for a while, there’s a 4-D theater and a planetarium. There’s so much to see and do that you really need more than one day to properly explore the place.

But while you explore and learn, keep your eyes open for a young man in overalls and a black and white checkered shirt. This young man will seem a bit out of place. Known as “Bubba the Ghost”, he is the spirit of a young man who was killed during a tragic elevator accident. Peering down the empty shaft, Bubba mistakenly thought the elevator was below him.

Bubba’s ghostly figure most often appears on the fourth floor, hanging in the shadows of his haunted building. So if you happen to see him, smile and say hello. Book a Ghost Tour during the Halloween season in late October.

The South Carolina State Museum has so much to offer. There are certainly worse places for a young ghost to spend eternity!

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Longstreet Theater

Back in 1855, when the University of South Carolina was still known as South Carolina College, the Longstreet Theatre came to be. The building was built to look like a Roman Temple. It has had many uses, including a hospital for soldiers from both sides during the Civil War.

Since 1976, it has been a theater again, complete with a costume workshop. But ghost patients from its time as a hospital still make an appearance from time to time. Strange noises and the creaking of floors follow people from place to place. And sometimes the elevator doors open and close on their own.

So if you dream of attending the University of South Carolina or simply wish to tour the campus, do your best to stay calm if you have the opportunity to spend some time in the Longstreet Theatre. And if you hear footsteps walk up behind you, try not to scream.

Haunted Myrtle Beach S.C.

Ocean Storm

Pelican Inn Pawley’s Island

Pawleys Island is a charming beach front barrier island adjacent to Myrtle Beach a beach vacation haven.

And it doesn’t get any more charming than the Pelican Inn. This 8 room bed and breakfast is one of the original homes on the island. It’s history dates back to the 1840s. Today, it is a cheerful haven where they treat you like family.

But Pawley’s Island also happens to be one of the most haunted places in South Carolina. It is known as the place where the Gray Man walks. It is said that seeing him can spell doom. When people see him, it’s a sign that a hurricane is on the way. And one of his favorite places to show up is the Pelican Inn.

But there are a few other spirits known to hang out at the Pelican, including a couple of Boston Terriers who enjoy spending time on the porch. Visitors often report seeing them, or at least hearing them.

The porch is also said to be a great place to take a nap on a lazy, rainy day. So, if you love animals and don’t mind an occasional ghostly figure visit the Pelican Inn.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage located at 565 Chandler Avenue, Murrells Inlet, SC. is no longer open to the public. You can take a peep inside with a tour and tales by the owners.

No list of haunted places in South Carolina would be complete without including this enchanting old home in Murrells Inlet. This is one of the places where the ghost of Alice Flagg is said to walk.

Alice was one of nine children born to the original owners of the house. She was also the only daughter to survive infancy. Known as the Lady in White, Alice’s ghost has been seen on the Hermitage property as well as along the beach. It is said that she looks for the ring her lover gave her long ago.

Hear Alice’s story and see some of the beauty of the place when you check out this interview with the current owners of the Hermitage.

eerie looking graveyard with scary tree and bright moonlight
Spooky Places in South Carolina

If you love ghosts and other mysterious things, these haunted places in South Carolina are for you. After all, you always need a few thrills and chills to make your travels complete, right?

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