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State license plates on a wall
A collection of State License Plates

A great way to pass the time on a long road trip is by playing car games like the License Plate Game. You can grab this free printable license plate game before your next road trip.

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The road trip license plate game is a classic game for family road trips. My brothers and I used to play when we would travel from Georgia to North Carolina to visit our grandparents. I taught my girls to play when we went on vacation and I still play when my hubby and I travel.

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How To Play License Plate Game

How many can play?

Depending on how many people are in your car, you can play as an individual or in teams. The whole family can play, kids and adults.

Can you play alone?

Yes, absolutely. The object of the game is to notice car tags from as many different states as possible. That can be a fun thing to do even as one player.

The Object of the License Plate Game

The object of the game is to notice and mark on your printable game, as many car tags as possible from other states. You only need to mark one per state.

When does the game end?

You can play the license plate road trip game for one road trip or make it last all summer or all year through multiple trips in order to find all 50.

To play through multiple road trips, hang onto everyone’s lists and they will simply continue to check off each state as they spot those car tags on future road trips.

It is unlikely you will spot car tags from all 50 states on one short road trip which makes playing over the summer on multiple road trips more fun for competitive folks who simply want to complete the list.


The first person to find all 50 states is the winner or the person to find the most state license plates is the winner.

You decide which you are playing for. Your decision will be based on how long your road trip is or if you are playing over multiple road trips.

A fun way to play is to hang onto the game and keep checking each state off until you find all 50.

Tips for finding a variety of license plates

Keep the game going when in parking lots like when you stop to eat or buy gas.

You can find a nice variety of state car tags in parking lots.

Look for state license plates at the gas station, restaurants, and even rest area stops.

Arizona Route 66 license plate on red car

The license plate game is a favorite road trip game for families.

printable road trip License Plate Game

Get ready for your next long car trip with this free printable License plate travel game set.

Unmarked map of the U.S.

Included in free printable:

  • Page with pictures of all 50 state license plates. Check mark boxes included
  • A list of all 50 States to use as reference
  • An unmarked map you can use to fill in the names of the states. Use this to fill in the state capitals as another game if you like.

You get all 3 printable sheets in a pdf file to download and print.


You will receive a pdf file zip folder to download and then print.

To print, double click to open the folder and then open and print each one individually.

How to use your road trip printables

Provide a clipboard and pen or pencil for each family member in the car on long car rides. Attach each of the pages from the printable road trip games to the clipboards. You are all set.

Provide a travel backpack to store all the clipboards as well as other car games and maybe even some snacks for the ride.

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