Florida map showcasing Disney World
Florida map showcasing Disney World

Before you tell the children where you’re going, go ahead and plan plenty of Road Trip Activities for the drive to Disney World. We know the challenge of keeping kids engaged in some fun activities to avoid the dreaded question, are we there yet?

Road trips require careful planning not just for the navigation but let’s not forget keeping the kids entertained so they don’t drive you crazy, get bored.

We have carefully planned out ways to keep the kiddos from saying they are bored and asking over and over again, “are we there yet?” Ummm, well they may ask that anyway, no matter what. When we go to Disney World, I’m not sure who is more excited, us or them!

5 Road Trip Activities for Kids To Enjoy On The Drive To Disney World:

Download These Disney Mobile Apps

The kids can explore Disney parks with an interactive experience using the Play Disney Parks mobile app. Reading skills needed. There are single and multiple player games.

The Disney Emoji Blitz app is a matching game the kids can play on their device. They will be matching all sorts of Disney characters! It reminds me of Bejeweled which I always loved.

Disney Movies

Car DVD Player on the back of a seat with Toy Story characters on the screen

There are multiple ways to watch Disney movies in the car.

You can stream on any device with internet. Of course while you are on the road, you will be roaming so keep in mind that will use a lot of your data rather quickly. Call you provider before you leave home and get a deal added to your account for the duration of your trip to save money on roaming. You can call and revert back after you return home, don’t forget!

A Portable DVD Player like this one (affiliate) is probably the best way to go. You can play the DVD’s you already own and all you will need is some batteries, no roaming fees.

Activity Binder

A quick search of Pinterest will provide you plenty of free printable pages to keep the kiddos busy. Search ‘Disney printables.’

Make each child their own binder. Use plastic page sleeves to slide the printable activities into. Provide a set of wipe off markers for each child.

Show the children to do their activity pages using the wipe off marker on top of the plastic sleeve so it can be wiped off and done again. Bonus for parents, wipe off markers are easy to clean up.

Disney Themed Snacks

We all know how important the snack bag is on a road trip! Load that thing with Disney themed snacks! You can find them in the grocery store or on Amazon. Here is our list: (affiliate links)

Mickey Mouse standing on a piano singing

Disney Sing-A-Long Songs CD & Books

Remember that DVD player I suggested at the top? It plays CD’s too. All you need is a head set for each child!

You can find a nice collection of Disney CD’s and books including Little Golden books and Board books right here at Books-A-Million.

Amazon also has a nice selection of Disney books and CD’s like these Silly Songs.

Mom Pro Tip for Stops Along The Way

Try to schedule your road trip car activities between the stops to stretch out the entertainment. Don’t give it all to them at one time. Keep the surprises coming.

Depending on how far you are driving, you may want to consider adding some stops that will allow everyone to stretch their legs more than a few minutes and give the kids an opportunity to burn off some energy. Do an internet search for State or National Historic sites or history museums where admission is generally free.

I used to volunteer at an Air Museum on the I-75 South route to Florida. We got tons of travelers in the summer who wanted to stretch their legs.

Give them a ‘new’ activity each time you get back on the road.

Ready to Get Ready To Go!

Our best wishes for you and your family to have a wonderful vacation to Disney World no matter how far or how long your trip.

Are you ready to get ready for your road trip to Disney?

Download those Disney interactive apps,

load up on Disney themed snacks for your snack bag,

carefully choose some good Disney movies, CD’s and books,

create each child their own activity binder with those free printables from Pinterest! And you are all set to go!!

Oh wait! We have a link to share with you!! I almost forgot. It’s the online shopdisney store! They have EVERYTHING you even might think you want for your Disney vacation. Want to dress everyone in the same t-shirt one day, they can help. Backpacks, swimwear, accessories, you name it!

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