A pumpkin patch next to a corn field

We did some digging around and found the best places all over Georgia to visit a Pumpkin Patches and Corn mazes this fall. There are more than 25 places to choose from in the peach state. There are more than 25 places in the peach state for fall fun.

A Pumpkin Patch instruction sign

Common Corn Maze Rules

  1. Use the bathroom before starting the Corn maze
  2. No pets
  3. Most places sell refreshments. Check their rules to determine if you can bring your own food or drink
  4. Wear proper shoes for uneven ground in places. Preferably no open toes.
  5. Bring a bottle of water.
  6. Bring your own flashlight for a night time Corn maze. Super fun!
  7. Children must be accompanied by adult
  8. Bring bug spray & sunscreen
  9. Be sure to check the site for closings in the event of inclement weather
  10. Some locations may charge extra for their Corn Maze, check the site.
  11. Time yourself just for fun.
  12. No Alcoholic beverages
People walking through a Corn Maze

Agritourism In Georgia

Agritourism is a combination of the top two generators of economy in Georgia, Agriculture and Tourism. It is where these two hearts meet to bring a unique experience for tourist. It allows us to tour and experience a working farm with tourist attractions to make it even more interesting.

These Agritourism farms are both large and small. Don’t discount the small rural farms, they have a lot to offer. Unity Family Farm in Eatonton is one example where you can enjoy the Fall activities and also learn about the Hay-making process.

Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches in Georgia

Many of these locations are family farms and they have a lot to offer, much more than just a pumpkin patch or a corn maze. All promise great family fun outdoors with lots Fall activities for children and adults.

Where To Find A Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze In Georgia 2023

Big List of Georgia Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches to visit this Fall.

There is no shortage of Fall activities and events in Georgia. Because Georgia is rich in agriculture with plenty of family farms around the state, agritourism is great. There are lots of corn mazes and pumpkin patches in Georgia, all over the state.

Also see; this Big List (95+) of Fall Fairs and Festivals in Georgia

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A pumpkin patch next to a corn field
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